What are you wearing?

Here is a question I used to ask at least three people a day, just a few years ago. I have since donated over 80% of my wardrobe and footwear to various dropboxes and Goodwill ex-toggery stores. Except for my mustard yellow ankle boots, still embalmed in dried mud from an island Radiohead concert what seems like, eons ago. I can’t get rid of them, but they’re too big to be bronze-cast. It’s like I live in a land without time, where a person I’m around 24/7 is growing at Ludicrous Speed… and I’ve been sucked into her singular quantity time warp for awhile.

There is a video circulating of Anderson Cooper, ushering a boy who’d been hit by one cement block of a storm being thrown by looters in Port Au Prince. Not a lot of aid is getting into this city. Certainly not the obligatory ten dollars via text method that’s been going around. No phone company would send that money until all the bills had been paid first. The will to do something is a good sign though. We just haven’t decided what to do; not until we can find a reliable conduit to follow. Any suggestions would be welcome. Also, Haiti has been the poorest, most neglected nation for a long time now. I don’t think many of us were worrying about them then. Perhaps the most gauche gesture toward aid is the auctioning of celebrity Golden Globe gowns. How much is the auction house’s cut? Not even Meryl Streep could make the whole circus classy.

Anyway. There’s been a lot of baking around here with Red Fife flour and goat’s cream butter (which has this magic effect of making certain things taste deep fried. Like cookies.) Tarts and cookies and galettes and brown sugar shortbreads and whatnot. But the untimely melting of all snow around here, and the urge to unbutton the top of one’s jacket are signaling me that spring is not far off. So, it’s time to get back to humble basics. Lentils and poached eggs. Polenta and mushrooms. Braised kale, walnuts and quinoa. Maybe a squash.

Also, thankyou, to a friend of mine, who gifted me with a Pride and Prejudice cd and a sassy black elastic band notebook styled copy of Sense and Sensibility for Christmas this year. You are a keenly attuned gift giver.

My entire focus has shifted to the house we are moving to in three weeks. A complete blank slate upon which to graft and tend to a comfortable family rhythm. Much has gone into this decision, and we are all raring to go.


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