Like, fifteen whole minutes.

On her heaviest growth spurt days, Rowan likes to sleep through her growing pains; waking to nurse and humor me by sitting through my attempts at teaching her things. I was going to start signing with her this month, but while she grasps and takes things from us or the floor very well, can hold her bottle for a few minutes and has no trouble picking up small things (like necklaces off my neck), the control of her individual fingers is still somewhat…yielding. I know this because she feels my face like a little blind match girl asking for tuppence every morning, after she rolls over and GRINS, HI, HELLO, I’M HERE, LOOKING AT YOU, HI every morning at precisely 4:30. And I pretend I don’t see her, so she sighs and looks back up SMILING HI, ARE YOU AWAKE, BECAUSE I AM, HELLO and turns away again as I try to stifle a laugh in the name of getting another half hour.

She can sit up for brief periods at a time, but has yet to make the connection that puts her arms out to stop her face meeting floor/couch/NOMfoot. She’s also quite disinterested in failure, and will wait lengthy periods (during the day) to try something again, purposely averting her gaze and finding something else fascinating and hilarious behind whatever you’re trying to get her to do. Unless it’s the frying pan. The frying pan is evil and houses galloping hordes of demons, so don’t bring her near it. But if it’s the cast iron skillet, that’s okay. Play her ‘Sweet Caroline’ but only if Neil Diamond is singing it. Otherwise, let her kick some stuff instead.

In between, remove her eco diaper filled with mustard and sometimes pea soup and balm her behind and put on another one. Then, let’s talk nap again. It amuses me that she chooses not to suffer through her body stretching. It’s a pattern I won’t see again for a long time until she is teenaged and has places to be that I have to force her to get up to go to, which is when she will really start resenting me first. But for now, she lets me coax squealing laughter from out of her belly and gullet with the simplest noises and gestures, wiggling for extra effect. I’m totally enjoying it while I can.


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