Raindrops on Roses

And whiskers on kittens are, and forever shall be a few of my favourite things. And you should make them yours, too. I was thinking again though, about the songs I had loved, as a very young girl, and what type of message (and ultimately influence) I took from them into adolescence. Maria isn’t so bad, rather, it’s the Disney heroine who wanders around singing about the day her imaginary male hero will come and pluck her out of circumstance and drop her down somewhere more palatable. Snow White may have been the worst one as her title song, ‘I’m Wishing’ spares no illusion that this lady has a six foot tall wall of hero coming her way to ‘love’ her. No wonder most men don’t measureup; our stunted adult selves subconsciously trying to mold them anyway, even though we’ve all vowed never to be ‘that woman’. Though we seemingly matured faster back in the days when your worst problems were a few horrifying zits and a busted-up perm, wrought upon you by an over zealous grandmother hungry for more daughters, this accelerated ‘maturity’ seems to have cost us a few self-esteem waypoints and quite a few emotional stability milestones. Anyway.

The other day I wanted to get rid of my Facebook page. It occurs to me the social site may inadvertently encourage vulgar behaviour to which I am not immune. And also my sisters keep writing things to me that I can’t, for the life of me, understand. It’s not really that they use that many web abbreviations –there are probably other, more savvy, terms for that but effed if I know them. There’s just an unusual quality to their writing. It’s the equivalent to dialogue in 1984 on some levels; at least to me. But these same sisters were just devastated by the concept. So much so that when I jokingly said, ‘it’s not like I’ll disappear’, they vehemently disagreed! And I guess for them I would cease to exist without my avatar, likes and dislikes and photographic representation of my activities e-stamped who-knows-where. Increasingly, our immortality seems inevitable. Would that make the internet heaven? Was Ryutaro Nakamura on to something?

Christmas is coming and so is a lot of culinary nonsense. If anyone out there has a good mexican wedding cookie recipe, I’ll take it off your hands.


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