Remembrance of things past…

Bonus points if’n you get the quote in the title.

Just a short line to remind you to take your own moment of silence today, Remembrance Day, and reflect on the lives that were cut short at some point. When I was a little girl, there was a project I had to do for school which had me interviewing both my Grandfathers on cassette tape about their individual experiences during WWII. One had the full-on harrowing experience, having to endure two weeks in a foxhole and coming out of the whole thing with shrapnel in his knee. The emotional consequences of which I only learned of later on, when I was old enough to know it. The other, too young to fight at the time, still did his part at home — never questioning whether he would do it or not.

It is a different day and age, of course, and — while I would be mad at anyone I knew who decided to join — I have always been a staunch supporter of troops. We have heard some very nasty and negative stories about them in the past few years, but it’s unlikely they were like that when they first enlisted. None of us can know what it must be like to be there, unless we are there ourselves. I have a young family member by marriage in Afghanistan right now. I think about him at least once a day and send out positive energy, thanking him for being brave enough to put his life behind my own in priority.

So, bow your head, say a prayer if that’s your deal or just go have coffee on your own and send your own positive energy out into the ether for Remembrance of Things Past.


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