Once again, TV comes true.

First, the news that brought this babble on: Climate change responsible for increasing ‘dead zones’ in oceans.

learn something.

So I was a trekkie. I know that the new, politically-correct term is ‘trekkor’, but that sounds like a stupid invention of the MMO playing populace. You know, like ‘pr0n’ ‘r0xor’ or ‘zerg’. Seriously, guys, when you brought zerg out, you lost every real female actually playing along with you.

Being a trekkie meant watching a lot of Star Trek. I watched it when it was on, when it was repeated, when it was syndicated. I pouted when TNG was cancelled and swore up and down I’d never give DS9 a chance, no way, no how. But, since I was 13 when it came out and could recognize formulaic plot by then, I caved. I watched ’em all in the end, and then bought the DVDs in college.

Anyway. There’s this one episode where Jean-Luc and his intrepid Enterprisers are trying to save this planet’s atmosphere from completely dissolving. They have polluted their planet to the point of extinction; its people have to use respirator thingers and the world president dude (because even if they’re stupid, they’re still civilized and civilized people have world governing bodies) is all confused about what happened.

I guess the real predecessor to that storyline is from SpaceBalls, Scroob n’ canned air. But they both were publicly consumed within a couple years of each other in the EIGHTIES. In the eighties, TV really knew everything and couldn’t be bothered to lie. It couldn’t even be bothered to spend more money on animation technique beyond 2d cels because KIDS DON’T CARE. So, in the 80’s I learned from Star Trek that if you don’t take care of your fucking planet, your atmosphere dissolves and you have to be embarrassed in front of Patrick Stewart because you’re not an evolved baldie with a penchant for extraterrestrial archaeology and earl grey tea hot, you’re just a savage who can’t wake up and smell the sulfites.

There’s a big sub-blog in here about the direction your parents took in the 80’s; yuppie versus hippie, and how, perhaps, the hippies are proving to be the tortoises in the race for ‘who knows best’. But I know your attention span is limited because you probably learned stuff from TV in the 80’s too. It’s cool.


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