Brother, can you spare a dime?

Stay Tuned:

I have to go bake cookies and brownies and pies and things imminently, but my fingers have an itch they’ll be scratching after work. Up for the scratch n’ sniff:

The strange celebrity ribbon this latest election was nearly hung by.

While today is clearly an historic day in the long, arduous journey from slavery to the whitehouse, we should be more grateful that the most qualified for the job was voted in this time. The. Most. Qualified.

McCain lost Ohio. Republicans don’t lose Ohio. As Jon Stewart said, ‘No Republican has ever won the whitehouse without Ohio… or oxygen.’

The ‘black’ talk has already settled in, beginning this morning between some random dude in Tenessee and the always amusingly vapid Seamus O’Reagan.

Record voter numbers had people lining up for hours out doors, around corners and down blocks. I am still up in the air on whether that was due to true world interest, or a free scoop from Ben & Jerry’s, a free doughnut from Krispy Kreme or a free cup of coffee from Starbucks. Brand your vote with an old fashioned glazed?

And a myriad of other essayable tidbits plaguing me throughout this entire process. If McCain had won, you might have been reading this from a signal hobbled together with tin cans and radio waves out of China.

I hope everyone else will take a break from their blogging slumber and toss in their two cents about ‘change’.


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