red pens, unsheath and find thy purpose.

how often do you engage your mind in some kind of exercise – equivalent activity? when i was a younger, egotistical brat, i carried around a crossword puzzle book. usually the sunday or ‘most confounding’ version. i don’t think i finished them all, but they were a lot easier to deal with than most of the people around me. i still have one, but the best i can muster these days is hours wasted on free rice and the weekly ‘NOW’ crossword which, depending on the time of day and my relative sleep – to – sentience ratio, i finish in an hour or so.

i feel that as we age, we lose our sense of pride in our cognitive abilities and set them aside for, say, blogging about not expanding one’s mind. to that end, i’ve decided it’s time to work on that. i’m terrible at sudoku and so, will not be foraying into that murky mire of math. but i would be interested in any suggestions of puzzlers or brain teasers that i can stay up late muttering over, and share with whomever happens to wander by here.

just post ’em in a comment.

in other news, check out this little onomatopoeic tidbit :
su·sur·rus /sʊˈsɜrəs/ [soo-sur-uhs]

– noun, plural -rus·es.
a soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper.


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