Good morning, Sunshine.

I finally had my preliminary interview at the precious new organic free-trade bakery extraordinaire in the Distillery yesterday. I can’t wait to jump right in and get lost in flour and sugar and things. I’m hoping for a 40 hour week, as I’d like to be as busy as possible. I’d like to share a little conversational wisdom my 16 year old sister offered me today, because I can’t believe how smart she is. Well, smart, but what a terrible speller!

Maddy:thats right and you cant pick your fate things just happen and you have learn to live with them and think that that hapend for a reason and get over it
Maddy:but obviously it is hard to just brush off
thats why you can take 2 days to be sad but you sholdnt allow yourself more because your just hurting yoursel
Maddy:but i thinks its time to move on with your life because the train has left the station and your on it but he sint
Maddy:i wouldnt know haha i just seem to have a lot of ramdom knoledge
im sure its from the amount of tv i watch
Maille: yeah, you must have been sigmund freud in a past life
yeah i must have been someone like that
people probably worshiped me
anywho haha
you are learing young grasshopper

How she has this sort of insight at this stage is beyond me. I am grateful for the love I still have.

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