To and Fro: A Romantic Night Fight in the Alleys of Yesterday

“What have you been upto?”

The question vaulted at her held accusation in one hand, and a loaded .22 query in the other.

“Nothing, really. Nothing worth telling you.”

She stepped aside, letting the attempt hit the wall and splatter guts of well-meaning everywhere. They glistened, sliding down conversational bricks.

“Neither have I.” The counter attack was weak willed, its simpering spine shriveling in front of her.

“Well, that’s bullshit. The good news is, I don’t care.” Hitting him across the jaw with this split his quivering lips apart and left them hanging open: slack-jawed breaths leaking out onto the floor.

“Fine.” In order to stave off any further vollies, he built up a quick wall and held his ground with pointed high stakes.

“Don’t whine, baby, it hardly suits you.” She built up her own wall, plastering mirrors all around it with a thick, bitter paste.

“You don’t know me anymore.” He turned his eyes downward, disinterested in reflection.

“I don’t have to. I can see right through you.” He started a little, suddenly aware of the little eyeholes he’d carelessly left in his armor.

“What’s on the other side?” He tried to set a trap, laying the ground full and pregnant with mines, trip-wires and insight.

“Your epidermis is showing. Aside from that, I can see everything,” she arabesqued over them, nearing her reluctant target with incredibly bad humour and proximity potential.


“Nothing’s impossible, kiddo. Certainly not where we are concerned.” Her own trap laid, he walked right into the bramble and flower covered hole.

“‘We’ don’t exist anymore.”

“Speak for yourself. You might be an apparition but I, I have substance.” She began to toss dirt into the hole, empty, but for one forgotten ghost.

“And anyway, I don’t have time for regrets.”

The light failing, each murky dark spot coalesced into another, obscuring the view of his assailant. She turned and walked out first, leaving her quarry half-buried; with half a chance to dig his way out.

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