Oh, what a night.

I really need to bring my laptop everywhere so I can tippy-type the strange accounts of my every day life. Since Friday: my favourite homeless guy has died; I have ended my job with my father, am getting a line-cook job and going to the George Brown Chef school (all his idea, really); was solicited by a 40 year old on a bike to go do a line at one in the morning whilst running a gift of shortbread to Eric’s mailbox; managed to talk aforementioned 40 year old out of hitting on me (no, I don’t want no scrubs) and send him into a complete nervous tear-filled breakdown about how shitty his life is a 40; played Bioshock and finished Medal of Honor:Airborne with Eric; walked with aforementioned Eric to neatly hidden parts of the city on the west end (pictures up on Facebook by the end of today) and lost 2 lbs of what I’m hoping is real fat and not water weight.

Each of these events has an extenuating story that requires an entire blog to itself, but, I must head over to the GB and get my application stuff in order. And also mill around the campus bookstore and look at knives. A student card at 26. Score.


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