“Freedom is a six-pack, a sybian and no cell phone.”

Phew, I’m so glad I read too many web comics. Otherwise I’d have to come up with my own titles and good ideas.

It is a million degrees in the city today, courtesy of a hot-blooded sun arguing with the ill-advised invention of tar. Seriously, I know necessity is the mother of invention but, I saw a weird Disney cartoon once where they decided to make the road out of something bouncy and less carcinogenic than that vile substance and tires made of concrete. Here is another good car idea:  http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/06/steam-powered-c.html.  I’d link that… but wordpress is telling me no.

Today is also the ‘Tenant Appreciation Picnic and BBQ’ for my building. I found a green plastic lei (which is the grossest kind of lei, by the way) and horrendous invitation with a smiling sun on it and a leaning palm tree whose coconuts look like human nuts on my desk this morning. Gee, two hours with stuffed-shirts cramming their mouths with frozen -first – then overcooked – hamburgers and lackluster schmoozing? No, really, that’s okay. It’s enough that I have to listen to cottage plans and hear about ‘concentrated personal learning’ programs for their yuppie-lings while I’m waiting for the printer.

In other news, check out this word —

adj. – pertaining to tears and weeping; n.pl. organs secreting tears; crying fits. lachrymary, adj. lachrymation, n. lachrymator, n. substance or gas causing tears. lachrymatory, n. narrow-necked vase; tear-bottle. lachrymiform, adj. tear-shaped. lachrymist, n. weeper. lachrymogenic, adj. causing tears. lachrymose, adj. tearful.


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