Nothing like watching John Cleese write ‘Fluff’ on a blackboard…

…to lift your spirits, if only just a little.

Today is a day of ghosts and tabletop displays; of wardrobe malfunctions and apathetic mmo playing; of water and of coke zero.  In short, today is a day like any other.  I’m putting together the new trade show displays for Fund Raising fun and being haunted by my past in various unrepressable musings.  While my clothing has not come away from my body in any sort of strategically placed fashion, I have found that I hate absolutely everything I own lately.  Not in that ‘Oh, I’ve nothing to wear’ sort of way.  I mean, I like my wardrobe well enough.  I just don’t like how it looks on me anymore.  Ever since the weight loss triumph, I’ve felt less and less triumphant.  I just don’t understand what I look like.  I think they call that body dysmorphia, which is probably the first step to some sort of obssessive eating disorderly habit.  Hooray for obssessive personalities!  They make every day an adventure!

As for the apathetic MMO playing, I’m tired of lag.  I’m playing on my office LAN, ffs.  It should be going much faster than this — and all of youse hanging around IF should go do something else.  So now that I’ve addressed all of my semi-coloned lead-in to a blog about nothing whatsoever, I guess I should come up with something more interesting.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog that people who don’t know me might read and enjoy again (LiveJournal is now officially abandoned) for a little while.  I know my particular brand of saucy sarcasm and endearing expostulation has the capacity to be a suitable distraction.   I feel that blogs what blog other blogs are a waste of blog time.  (How many blogs could a blogblog blog if a blogblog could blog blogs?)  Jesus, how’s that for semantic satiation?

Eventually, I’ll start posting pictures of what I’m up to in the kitchen along with recipes up in here.  For now, I’ll just RSS this complete waste of your time to Facebook like a good Internerd.

My breath is off today.  Time for some parsley.


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